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After you told us a few days ago that you'd be taking on this topic, I listened to the audio of Hansel and Gretel and several other tales by the Grimm Brothers (https://librivox.org/grimms-fairy-stories-by-jacob-wilhelm-grimm).

At the time, I had no clue how you were going to relate Hansel and Gretel to today's troubles. But now that I've read your take on each of the characters in the story, I realize I could've figured out the connections on my own! Still, I couldn't have articulated everything nearly as well as you have, subtlecain!

I love your explanation of how timid victim Gretel finally realizes her and Hansel's fate and instantly turns into the victor, saving her wise and compassionate brother from being killed, cooked, and consumed by the wicked witch. May we similarly save the children of these times. Their innocence must be preserved from predators, whose pretense to power awaits a fate similar to that of the villainess in this lifelike fairy tale.

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